Leadership Application Form 2016

Have you ever thought about serving as a leader in Cru? This is a great opportunity for you to be able to serve on our campus ministry as a leader of a servant team, bible study or missional target area. Serving on Cru is a wonderful experience for you to grow with other students and as well as in your relationship with the Lord.

Our heart is to reach all the students on our campus and to share God's love with them. Our goal is to ultimately share the Gospel with everyone and experience what it means to have a servant's heart. 

Maybe you don't feel like serving as a leader next year but interested in being part of a servant team as a member. Please feel free to fill out this form as well! This is a great way to see what servant teams are on our campus and find out more about what they do. Below is a list of our servant teams and descriptions of what they do on our campus!

The deadline to fill out this application is April 17th so please fill one out even if you aren't too sure about a position. There are no exceptions for accepting applicant positions after the deadline so don't delay. 

Fill out this application now!

Servant Team Member Description:

Work alongside your team members and servant team leader(s) to minister to and help the movement grow and plan and execute in practical ways to serve the body and reach the campus for Christ. List of Servant Teams (see below for further description) – Publicity, Visual Media, Social Media, Musical Worship, Prayer, Outreach, Weekly Meeting, Community, Mens/ Womens, SIC and Environment.

Time Commitment –  2 hours a week at minimum


Servant Team Leader:

Description - raise up a team to help you minister to the movement, communicate/meet with your co-leader(s) and staff or core coach, think intentionally about how to use your team to help the movement grow, and plan and execute practical ways to make that happen. List of Servant Teams (see below for further description) – Publicity, Visual Media, Social Media, Musical Worship, Prayer, Outreach, Weekly Meeting, Community, Mens/ Womens, SIC and Environment.

Note: Servant Team Leaders are students who have been involved in Cru and who have typically had past experience in being a Servant Team member.

Time commitment : 4 to 7 hours a week


Team Descriptions

Publicity Team:

Publicity Team helps with the development and implementation of all printed media related to Cru and our ministry activities. This team is great for individuals who desire a creative outlet, or simply enjoy the artistic side of tasks (even if they’re not artistic themselves). This team is about creative thinking, “out-of-the-box” ideas, and dependable follow-through. They also will coordinate with the Social Media team on publicity campaigns.


Visual Media Team:

Visual Media Team promotes involvement in Cru activities and encourages a deeper connection with God and others through film. This team is great for individuals who enjoy creating stories and scripts, and are skilled in the technical aspects of video production. This team will work closely with the Weekly Meeting Team in providing promotional films related to Cru and our ministry activities. New this year: the VM team will work with the Social Media team to provide video especially made for social media platforms that uses a storytelling format: Instagram (3-15 seconds), Facebook (1 minutes or less), and possible Vine.  This team will require creatively nurturing people to love God and share his love through visual media. Responsibilities include, filming and uploading of weekly meeting talks to the web as well as taking footage of our major events.


Musical Worship Team:

Musical Worship Team leads all musical worship in Cru, most commonly (but not restricted to) weekly meetings and retreats. They create times of worship to glorify the Lord, and assist other students in deepening their relationship with the Lord through one aspect of worship (music!). The team leader recruits, develops and leads musicians in worship.

Prayer Team:

Prayer Team is responsible for developing a team of people who will be committed to encouraging prayer in the movement as well as praying for the ministry themselves. Prayer Team aligns our movement to God’s heart for the nations and helps increase our passion for Christ and the Gospel.This team is great for individuals who have a heart for the world, believe in the power of prayer, and are excited about praying for our campus. If you enjoy being intentional with others, value deep relationships, and desire to see God move powerfully through prayer, then you will love serving on this team.

Outreach Team:

The Outreach Team is an integral part of bringing Jesus to lost students at Cal Poly Pomona because the Outreach Team is the catalyst for our movement to share the Gospel with every student on campus. In the power of the Holy Spirit, this team will set the pace in evangelism for our movement. The Outreach Team develops and implements all three modes of evangelism within Cru which includes organizing sharing on Tuesdays at noon, keeping a stocked supply of evangelistic materials, giving ‘lift’ to outreach on campus and thinking through innovative ways to encourage our movement to reach the campus with the Good News.


Weekly Meeting Team:

The Weekly Meeting is the ‘face’ of the movement and so the Weekly Meeting Team has the privilege of creating the first impression many students will have of Cru. This is done through putting together and  executing our weekly meetings. This team is great for individuals who like to work “behind-the-scenes,” are organized, personable, approachable, and/or technologically inclined. The Weekly Meeting Team meets every week to plan and prepare for each of our Thursday Cru meetings. They are also responsible for set up-and tear down for each meeting. This team works closely with the other servant teams to highlight other events that are happening within Cru.

Community Team:

Community Team helps develop biblical fellowship throughout Cru. This team is great for individuals who want to plan events, think creatively, are detailed, and who desire to create fun events that will serve to deepen relationships within our community. Being able to work together to create meaningful community times, is pivotal for a healthy relationship with other students, and the Community Team is able to present students with these opportunities of fun and biblical fellowship.


Men’s/Women’s Team:

The Men’s and Women’s Team develops an atmosphere of Gospel-centered community for our Cru men and women through fellowship, body-mode evangelism, creative events, and our annual men’s and women’s retreats. Both teams will operate separately, but will work closely with each other and other servant team leaders. Large responsibilities include a specific Men’s and Women’s event at Fall Retreat and Spring Break, as well as planning the Men’s and Women’s Retreat that happen spring quarter.

SIC (Student Government) Team:

The SIC team represents our movement to our university council called SIC (Student Interest Council). The SIC team sends representatives to our council to apply for university funding and contribute to the campus community through involvement with other clubs and co-sponsored events. The SIC team acts as our spokesperson to the campus administration and student government. Tasks include, re-chartering, reservations, funding proposals and ASI reimbursements, attending council meetings to represent Cru.


Environment Team:

The Environment Team will set the pace for our movement in hospitality and ambiance during our weekly meetings, retreats and special events. Throughout the year, this team will work most consistently with the Weekly Meeting Team - welcoming new students, coordinating nametags, and creating design elements to fit the theme/talk of each weekly meeting. This team also works closely with Cru’s different retreat teams (Fall, Spring, Mens/Womens) to creatively express chosen themes through ‘environment’ and hospitality. As a team, you will reflect God’s beauty, warmth and creativity and you will help transform a meeting room into a place where students can connect with the Lord and with each other.


Social Media Team:

The Social Media team will strategize and implement ways to promote events and engage with students at Cal Poly Pomona using social media. The calpolycru.com website will be updated on a regular basis. Beginning with an overall plan for the year by consulting the Cru calendar, the team will plan curated and some original posts for the Cal Poly Cru Facebook page, Cru Group page, Instagram, and other social media platforms such as Twitter, Snapchat, or blog (depending on the size of the team). Since Social Media is always changing, this team will have a “learner’s” mindset in learning new, creative and effective ways to use social media. The social media team needs to take initiative in working with the other servant teams, especially Publicity, Outreach and Visual Media.  Other responsibilities include: making sure there are official photographers at major events, regularly updating Facebook page cover photo, keep Google+ page updated,  reading articles for training, providing relevant discipleship-oriented content, sharing evangelistic content, promoting conferences and summer missions, checking the official email account and answering emails on a daily basis, and providing content throughout the summer months.

Missional Leader:
Missional Leaders set the pace of living missionally by taking steps of faith to share Christ in their specific Target Area. A Target Area is any area (sphere of influence) on campus where the Missional Leader is committed to reaching students within that Target Area.  Reaching a Target Area includes discipling other younger students and creating/leading a small group bible study or investigative study contextualized to that specific Target Area.

Missional Leaders also commit to multiplying their lives (through discipleship) into younger students.

Note: Missional Leaders are usually older students who have consistently been involved in Cru and who have typically had past experience in leading a Servant Team.

Time commitment varies : 8-10 hours a week


Target areas include but are not limited to:

Dorms, Suites, and Village:

On campus living communities


Major Areas

Academic Departments or Colleges


Bridges International

With almost a million international students studying here in the US, the call to fulfill the Great Commission is becoming more tangible than ever in our history. God said, “Go to the Nations.” Now, they are coming to us! Young adults from closed, desperate, and hungry nations are here in your classrooms and many have never heard the gospel. What will they have seen and heard during their stay in America? We hope it is the gospel that brings them unto salvation and spurs a desire to know and follow Jesus. Bridges focuses on reaching the nations that are literally here in our own backyard!



Destino was born out of a dream that Latin@s could have a fun and energetic environment that would come together to celebrate the love of Jesus Christ without sacrificing the unique expression of our cultural heritage. The Apostle Paul expanded his influence in spreading the gospel to the Greeks (Acts 17) through cultural adaptation of the message of Christ. If you are interested in using your cultural heritage as a Latin@ to bring the gospel to the greatest amount of students at Cal Poly Pomona or if you would like to serve as a bridge between Latino culture and your own, we would love to have you join us! As the Latin@ community continues to grow in size and influence we desire to build leaders for the future of our country and the world to bring glory to God!



The role of a Missional Leader working within the Greek system will require dependence on the Holy Spirit, high initiative and high social maturity. Just like an overseas missionary, you will have to learn the unique language and culture of the Greek system. Being Greek yourself is not required but helpful. Your coach will help you creatively and innovatively reach this group of student leaders on campus. The rewards are great. This is one of the most strategic groups on campus - the highly relational environment fuels the spread of the Gospel. In fact, studies have shown that a high percentage of Greeks take on roles of leadership in ministry, business and politics worldwide!



Though only less than 10% of our campus student body, African American students have a huge influence on campus through their relationships and leadership. It is our desire that the Lord would raise up leaders to reach this important segment of our campus and that there would be a thriving gospel influence through the African American community.



Once a leader has served in the context of the SIC servant team, whether a member or STL, the next step in the development of students is to live missionally as a ML in the context of student government. Through natural mode relationships or ministry mode contextualized outreaches to Student Government students, SIC Missional Leaders strategize on how to reach ASI senators, presidents and others involved in student government and councils. Running for office on SIC council and ASI senate is a strategic way to reach others with the Gospel. Asking other upperclassmen ML’s that have done this already can be a great resource and encouragement to younger leaders. This ML role requires a humble, servant leader heart for ministry.



Athletes wield a lot of influence on campus. Through coaches and student athletes on campus we can reach athletic teams and use the platform athletes have to reach the rest of the campus. Athletes in Action is our Target Area strategy to reach athletes with the Gospel. Contextualized bible studies and evangelistic strategies that reach athletes are the strategies we use to help us reach this target area.


Cru High School

Many teenagers fall away from their faith when they enter college. One of the reasons is because they don't have strong, spiritual Christians to teach, guide, and support them. Cru HS gives college students the opportunity to invest in high school students and to disciple them so that they may be bright lights on their campus and as they enter college.


Social Justice

Many non-believers are interested in social justice. This branch of Cru can be a good way to show the campus and community that we care about social issues, because Jesus cares about them. What makes this a missional target area is the opportunity for those leading to live missionally among the non-believers that join in the events that the leaders plan and coordinate.  Expressing why we as believers/Cru care about these issues, dialoguing about how the gospel motivates us, and starting a Bible study looking at how Jesus/the Bible addresses social justice issues could be great ways to reach out to and live missionally with non-believers.



Oasis is a ministry focusing on intentionally and strategically reaching Muslims students at Cal Poly. If you have ever wanted to be trained and equipped to reach the Muslim world, then this is a good place to start. You will focus on trying meet Muslim men and women where they are at on campus. You will enter into their world in hopes of sharing Jesus with them and allowing them to fully understand who He is to them as their savior.